The Legend of Booker's Guitar

The Legend of Booker's Guitar


The Legend of Booker's Guitar chronicles the story of Delta blues singer Booker White (aka Bukka White) and his iconic National steel guitar, 'Hard Rock.' For the first time, the life and career of White is explored in depth, revealing how White overcame poverty, imprisonment and obscurity to ultimately achieve success and worldwide acclaim as a blues legend. Behind the scenes, White's friendship with a young photographer in the UK has far-reaching consequences, ultimately leading to the creation of the best-selling album Booker's Guitar by Eric Bibb in 2010. Lavishly illustrated with dozens of rare, previously unpublished photographs, The Legend of Booker's Guitar ultimately pays tribute to two remarkable musicians from contrasting eras, joined together in creative spirit and innate talent, as well as the physical connection of a single, shared instrument.

Well written, thoroughly engaging and highly informative, this may not be a conventional biography of a major bluesman but it is certainly a hugely enjoyable one.

Red Lick Catalogue, July 2015


Well documented ... a truly fascinating story.

R2 Magazine, June 2015


Enlightening story of a great guitarist's great guitar.

Record Collector, April 2015


Brisk, well-written ... professionally assembled and presented, thoroughly annotated and referenced – better than many I’ve seen from major publishers.

Blues & Rhythm, April 2015


That instrument he plays – when you hear it recorded correctly or live in a room, it has a tremendous comforting resonance and a hypnotic feeling. There are all sorts of tones coming from (the guitar) and it makes me feel really good when I hear it.

Iggy Pop, The New York Times Podcast, December 9, 2009


The guy who really did it for me was Bukka White.

Robert Plant, iTunes Festival, September 8, 2014